Morasha / Maimonides Fellowship

Both of these programs are for motivated and intelligent students striving to be tomorrow’s Jewish leaders. Students are exposed to sourced Jewish philosophy, the application of Jewish thinking on modern issues and Jewish perspectives on some of life’s most challenging questions.

The Fellowship trains participants in areas of Jewish knowledge that are critical for the Jewish leaders of our generation. Using an innovative curriculum covering philosophy, history and ethics, students analyze and explore Judaism’s approach to life.

Each student who is awarded a Maimonides Leaders Fellowship participates in a semester of weekly classes and two Shabbatons. Each class session is typically divided into an hour of study led by the campus rabbi and a second hour, usually consisting of a guest speaker or peer-matched learning. Weekly Shabbat dinners and special Shabbaton experiences introduce students to the beauty and warmth of Shabbat.

Upon completing a semester of study, fellows earn a stipend and the opportunity to attend an advanced level fellowship.

Israel Trips

Visiting and exploring Israel offers students the incredible experience of touring, learning and living in this ancient and historic homeland over winter and summer breaks. The focus is on connecting with Jewish heritage through engaging classes and in-depth Jewish study. The land of Israel provides a wealth of culture and access to many of Judaism’s brilliant educators, while they also can explore the country’s rich cultural offerings.


jInternship matches students with exciting internship opportunities in Israel in their field, offering a competitive edge in achieving their career goals. During the internship period, the students spend half the time in a Yeshiva or Seminary in Israel and half of the time with their hosting company, gaining valuable hands-on experience.

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